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Diesel Particle Filter 460/461/463


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Diesel Particle Filter 460/461/463

This open system is used to reduce the soot particles austoßes off-road vehicles and light commercial vehicles up to 3.5 t permissible total weight and engine capacity 2-3 liters ( already registered Euro III or retrofitted) . After installation, the vehicle receives the PM1 ( for cars ) or the PMK1 (for trucks) classification and thus obtained at a corresponding Abgasschlüsselnmmer a green sticker . Note: for exhaust key number 0451 or 0654 you will get the green sticker after retrofitting . In other exhaust key numbers which are then attainable plaque must be checked before order and upgrade to PM1 or PMK1 . The filter system consists of metal monoliths with specifically developed noble metal coating encased in stainless steel housing. With this modern technology, we particulate emissions reduced by over 50%. Requirements: The vehicle must already have the Euro III – meet standards and achieve a gross vehicle weight of midestens 2500 to a maximum of 3500 kg . The curb weight for passenger cars must be at least 1660 kg , for truck / RV be at least 1735 kg . Legal regulations : Before upgrading upstream catalyst must be replaced if these have reached less than 5 years and or more than 80,000 km of driving . Additive: Supplied with 1 bottle containing 500ml included (range approx 20-25 tanks of fuel ) TÜV – registration of the filter only at designated by the manufacturer TÜV inspection Installation: Depending on the condition of the vehicle 3-9 hrs .

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