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Eibach/RENNtech Mercedes G-class W463 4″ Lift Kit

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Eibach/RENNtech Mercedes G-class W463 4″ Lift Kit

Eibach Spring Kit for Mercedes G-class with normal axle loads, Lift 40-50 mm

RENNtech has found the perfect balance between on-road comfort and off-road performance with our specially designed performance shocks exclusively for the G-Wagen. These shocks dramatically improve the daily driving comfort and handling around town without sacrificing off-road prowess.

RENNtech’s performance shocks feature precision, six way adjustable compression, and are unlike anything else on the market. They offer a wider range of adjustment and optimum vehicle ride quality. Turn the dial (on the externally mounted reservoir) to instantly adjust ride quality to fit your individual preferences and/or performance needs.

RENNtech’s high performance shocks are constructed of an aircraft grade aluminum body and alloy steel shaft for reliability in the most demanding of driving environments. An externally-mounted reservoir makes shock damping changes extremely easy, and does not require the use of any tools or a lift.

– Includes 2 front and 2 rear shocks
– Precision six way adjustable compression adjustment
– Allows for a more comfortable compression adjustment
– 2″ Body
– External reservoir
– Increased reliability and service life

463 – G 500
463 – G 550
463 – G 55 AMG
463 – G 55 AMG Kompressor
463 – G 63 AMG
463 – G 65 AMG

Spring Spacers
The kit includes 50 mm spring spacers to be used in conjunction with the Eibach springs and King shocks. The spring spacers are specially designed and molded from a polyurethane elastomeric material in a multi cavity mold for a modest lift, while reducing noise, vibrations and harmonics (NVH) levels. These Spring Spacers are vehicle specific made for the Mercedes-Benz W460, W461 & W463 G-class.

If you are going to actually off-road the vehicle, and you’re not just after the G500 4×4 look or the 6×6 AMG look, then this might not be the best set up for you. While you will maintain the same upward travel, you will loose 2 inches of droop. In that case, you can order our King Shocks with 2-inch longer bodies or shafts to match the added height from the spring spacers.

Optional Parts (not included in this kit)
When lifting the vehicle, geometry is change and caster may be greatly affected, and the position of the axle may change. To correct these issues, DTD has developed an Adjustable Panhard Bar and all-new Radius Arms. also recommends the KING Steering Stabilizer Shock if you are running larger/wider tires.

– DTD Adjustable Panhard Bar for Mercedes G-class W463 with 4-inch Lift Kit
– DTD Radius Arms for Mercedes G-class W463 with 4-inch Lift Kit
– KING Steering Stabilizer Shock for Mercedes G-class W463 with Lift Kit & Larger Tires

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