Hofele Chiptuning – MB G 400 CDI (W463)


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Hofele Chiptuning – MB G 400 CDI (W463)


Original Power

Dynamic Plus

Tuningpower more performance
Performance in KW 184KW 222KW + 21%
Performance in PS 250PS 302 PS + 21%
Torque 560NM 677 NM + 21%
Fuel economy                        up to 1l pro 100 km


Technical specifications

 power increase up to 23%
 prosessor  IPQ – Prozessor
Intelligent Performance
Quanti-Speed processor
 map editing  90 Mio, by high frequency board
 multi performance map  multi performance map technologie
 sensors  Integrated multi-channel sensor at various vehicles.
 result of technical parameters  excellent, maximum power output
 Adaptation of the system  self-learning auto-update
 heat protection  
 compatibility  diesel particulate Filter compatible
 free engine warranty  2 years
 product warranty  3 years
 consumption  ECO fuel optimization program
 housing  ABS -injection-housing
 connector system  Automotive OEM housing connector
 harness  OEM harness material
 installation of the system  quick install
Plug & Play system
 expansion of the system  easier, faster expansion
by simply unplugging
 temperature resistent
(-35 C/+135 C)



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