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Hofele PowerPedal – Mercedes G-class (W463) G 290 TD


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Hofele PowerPedal – Mercedes G-class (W463) G 290 TD

Cubic capacity – cm
Performance in KW – 95 KW
Performance in PS – 129 PS
Construction year – 2000…

Dynamic, responsive, variable – the new Hofele ‘Pedal Power’.
The vast majority of current vehicle models are equipped with a so-called ‘E-gas’.
For an electronic accelerator is meant that converts the mechanical commands the driver’s foot into an electronic signal for transmission to the engine electronics.
This can lead to delays by sluggish electronic systems.
Where we come in!
In order to improve the response, Hofele MotorTechnik developed that ‘Pedal Power’, a sophisticated electronics that converts the driver’s commands quickly and forwards as a command
It is a plug and play device which is easily plugged in by anyone in the accelerator electronic, behind the gaspedal.

The driver can adjust the throttle response even individually.
That ‘pedal power ‘comes with four pre-programmed settings that can be freely selected:

– “OFF”
– “CITY”
– “SPORT Plus”

That Pedal Power ‘improves the standard programmed accelerator characteristics of the vehicle manufacturer, the programmed course, a characteristic that must match for new drivers and the elderly.

More dynamic
There are no more delay moments.
The response of the vehicle is now directly on the amplified signal of ‘PowerPedal’ box.
The driver gets a sportier and more spontaneous response from the engine.
Driving is so much more fun!
Those ‘PowerPedal’ box is car specific programmed and is supplied as a complete set.
The attractive housing and innovative design for a perfect ‘handling’ in dealing with the control unit.
The operation is simple, easy to understand and changeable while driving.

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