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Hofele Reverso-II-20″ Silver Mettalic


Size: 9.0 x 20″

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Hofele Reverso-II-20″ Silver Mettalic

PCD/H: 5×130, offset 45, CB 71,5, plus 20 mm spacer (inside CB 84,1). Special machined spacer (d=20) for G-Class required. This special G-Class spacer is part of the wheel and part of the delivery. Special wheel screws must be ordered separately: HF 4293. This wheel is made for Porsche Cayenne, homologated and tested for a load of 950 kg on each wheel. Suitable for the following tire sizes: 275/50 R 20. Possible off-road profile: Cooper Zeon LTZ Xl (S) in 20”; speed limited to max. 180 km/h.

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