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Hofele Sport Air Filter – Mercedes G-Model (W460/461/463) G 500


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Hofele Sport Air Filter – Mercedes G-Modelle (W460/461/463) G 500

Performance – 241 PS
Construction year – 9/93-5/98

Almost as long as the Firma Hofele exist, the company K&N produces air filter.
Both companies are combined here with their experience and K & N produce for Hofele MotorTechnik, a special program of high performance sport air filters in a sought vote for the upgrated turbo engines.

This high-performance sports filter bring in combination with the Hofele, Dynamic ‘and’ Dynamic Plus’ performance enhancement kit for turbo gasoline and turbo diesel engines, the optimal power output. This combination is also used in international motorsport.

The Hofele sport air filters are made of 4 layers of pure cotton against stiff steel mesh, razor-thin processed with special filter oil and have the advantage over an OEM factory paper filter up to 40% more air flow.

These are further advantages of the Hofele-air-filter:
– 40% more air flow
– This increase performance and results specifically with additional control unit to more Power
– Powerful suction sound possible
– Motorsport tested
– Long runtimes 30,000 and 100,000 km, then simply wash the air filter, new oil and drive sport air filter on.
– Easily replace the series filter in the air filter box, in exchange for the Hofele-filter
– Guarantee of 1 million kilometers for each air filter, with normal care
– Great program for over 3000 vehicle models

Due to the one-time purchase of a sport air filter saves you constantly costs of conventional filter, thereby protecting the environment.

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