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Hofele TuningOil – 5 liters oil container


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Hofele TuningOil – 5 liters oil container

Super-Longlife oils for high performance and tuned engines
– For gasoline and diesel engines
– For turbo engines and engines without turbocharger

Supports chip tuned engines for easier engine running, less friction, better implementation of more power and fuel consumption.

Hofele Tuning Oil, the best support for electronic engine tuning.

f.e. 5W/30 Longlife Premium: released under various designations für : VW-Norm 504.00, 507.00, Mercedes-Benz 229.51,

Special oil released for: BMW Longlife 04, Porsche, Ford, Opel-Norm.

This Hofele Tuning Oil brings in combination with the Hofele, ‘Dynamic’ and ‘Dynamic Plus’ tuning box, the optimal power output.

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