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KING 2.5 Adjustable Shocks for Mercedes G-class W463

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– KING 2.5 Adjustable ront Shocks with Internal Bypass
– KING 2.5 adjustable Rear Shocks with Internal Bypass


– Stock full extended length is 24.125″
– KING replacement shock is 25.500″ extended (1.375 more droop)*
– Stock Compressed is 16.000″
– KING replacement is 15.750″ fully compressed.
– Stock Travel is 8.125″
– KING replacement is 9.750″

*With the extra droop, please be aware when putting the car on a lift that the suspension components are limited to avoid potential risk of damage to the driveshaft.


– 2.5 standard fin reservoir upgrade ($75)
– Custom kits for lifted applications / custom lengths per pair ($200)
– Custom color anodized per pair, not including springs ($300)
– Armored car specs (heavy valving) ($150)
– Cerakoted shock cylinder body ($150 ea)
– Custom anodized reservoir ($50 ea)


– If you are adding larger tires, you may want to consider KING’s Steering Stabilizer Bar shock. With a larger diameter than stock, this shocks will help move larger, heavier tires with less effort and more control. Click here to read more.


KING’s Internal Bypass shock technology represents years of refinement since the original design was released, over a decade ago. No matter what you demand from your suspension, KING can provide configuration-specific bypass designs to assure complete control of high and low speed oscillations with position-sensitive damping. Tube quantity and location are based on our time-tested standard locations, or your unique custom application.

KING’s bypass valve design, and superior tube flow capacity, provide accurate flow control over the whole range of adjustment. Their precise manufacturing processes, and strict adherence to quality standards, make this possible. The bypass valve springs are made out of the same material used for valve shims, to reduce the possibility of heat-induced fade compromising your settings. After plating, shock tubes are honed to ensure a tight piston seal. All bypass ports are CNC drilled, de-burred by hand, and then polished. This commitment to quality and attention to detail creates enhanced flow control and unparalleled levels of precision adjustment. When you combine this level of functionality with KING’s expertise with valving and bypass settings, you will enjoy enhanced car control, reduced driver fatigue, and sustained performance.


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