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Kleemann Supercharger System (M113)


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Kleemann Supercharger System (M113)

The M113 supercharger system consists of a Roots type MP112 supercharger from Magnuson, who are renowned for their efficient, durable and thoroughly tested superchargers. The supercharger is fitted to a cast alloy intake manifold of our own design with an intergrated air-to-water intercooler- an original design concept by KLEEMANN that has since been emulated by many OE manufacturers including AMG and General Motors. For efficient cooling, the coolant is circulated through the independent radiator by an electronic pump complimented by a coolant reservoir that not only increases water volume, but also simplifies the intercooler bleeding process. This supercharger system develops boost (0.4-0.5 BAR/5.8-8.7 PSI) at very low engine speeds and maintains boost consistently throughout the rev range. Power increases range from 120-180 HP and 150-200 NM (110-150 lb/ft.), depending on engine size and additional products installed (headers, camshafts, cylinder heads, etc.). Our M113 supercharger system is an all-inclusive kit ready to be installed by a qualified technician.

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