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Mercedes G 460 and 463 bodylift kit +40 mm suitable


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Mercedes G 460 and 463 bodylift kit +40 mm suitable

  • bodylift + 40 mm
  • Most people think the bodylift kit is a cheap car increase. But that is wrong, because the cost of mounting is much more expensive than the cost for changing the higher springs.

    We construct the bodylift to get more palce in the wheel houses for the tires, when the springs are not enough.

  • Because you higher the body 40 mm from the chassis you also have to higher some other parts at the car like bumpers front and rear, perhaps some tubes at the engine, gearshifts and the differential lock shifts at the models 460 and 461

Urgent infornmation:

  • At cars with adjustable steering wheel you have to check, that in each position of the steering wheel the steering spindle has minimum 5 mm place to the bracket of the pedal bracket.Tgher ewere mount different brackets at the pedal bracket at the G-class. If the diameter of the pedal bracket in your car is bigger than 10 mm, the mounting of this bodylift is not possible, because steering spindle could have contact to this bracket
  • This is very urgent, because it is very dangerous to ignore it !!!

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