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Snorkel For V-Engines With Rain Cover


Not suitable for G 280 CDI

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Snorkel For V-Engines With Rain Cover

Air intake pipe with lateral air intake, fibreglass-polyester, black. This system consists of two tubes, one right (as with the G 290 TD) and one left (as with the 463). This enables intake of cleaner and cooler combustion air through a raised intake position and protects against sudden water ingress into the air intake. Material: Hand laminated GRP, black, structured finish. Delivery includes fittings. Please specify model: G 500, G 400 CDI, G 320 V6 or G 320 CDI. An opening has to be cut into the fender and the engine compartment partition panel respectively when installing this snorkel in a G 320 R6, G 300 TD, in some G 461 and all G 460.

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